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These are projects of some of our members.

 Ken's Project  Two Cylinder Steam Engine Stirling Engine Project
 Chucks 4 Cylinder Engine  Chucks Model A  CNC Mill
 John's Project  Marine Two Cylinder Engine  Vickie Engine
 Vic's Project  Walking Beam Steam Engine  Tapper Stirling Engine
 Low Temp Stirling  Tesla Turbine  Mikes Four Cylinder
 Harry Garman's engine  Jim's Low Temp Stirling  Tesla Coil
 Chucks 5 Cylander Radial  Mikes acustic stirling  

If anyone has a project they would like to share, just let me know and I will add it to the web page.

If you have pictures you can send them to Ken Thompson 2730 Nogal Ct.

Colorado Springs Co. 80917 and I will scan them in. Also send along some information to go

along with the pictures. If you have a digital camera you can E-mail pictures along with some information to me at


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