Colorado Model Engineering Society

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our last meeting

Our Last meeting was at Blue Sky Aviation at Medow Lake airport.We had tables set up to display our latest projects.

This is Ron Bement's Ardun Ford .Click on this to see a video of Ron's engine.

Ron,s engine was also on the centerfold of Model Engine Builder. They to have a video of Ron's engine.

The two engines above are Harry Garman's. The red one didn't waht to start but the green engine in the back ground ran well.

Tim Henry brought his Tesla generator.It is very loud!!! I got three diferent set ups. Video #1 Video #2 Video #3


Chuck Harty brought his four cylinder over head valve engine

Chuck Harty also brought three of his radial engines. engine #1 engine#2 engine #3

This car was built by one of the guys that works at the hanger. It is all hand made. the body is made of aircraft aluminum.

Jim Barad brought some of his sterling engines

A small Piper plane that was in the hanger at the time .Don't know anything about the plane.

Mike Gombert brought his Lamina Flow Engine that he built from plans from Model Engine Builder Magizine



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