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Ken's Project

This is a project that I have been working on this winter. It is a DRO for my lathe.I found this DRO kit at . You order the bare PC board from shumatech and

the parts from Digikey and Mouser Electronics .


This is a picture of the bare PC board.

This is the kitchen table with the pc board and all the parts.

This is the finished dro attached to the digital scales that I got off E-bay.

I attached the digital scales to my Grizzly 9" lathe.

Well the project is finished. It has been so cold in my shop that I haven't made anything on my lathe with the new DRO.

This is my Harbor Freight mill (model 981). I added a DRO. It is for the X and Y axis.

The X-axis is on the silver looking piece sticking out the left side . You can see the Y-axis

along the bottom. I'm going to look on E-BAY for a six inch scale for the Z-axis.

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