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A loose association of people sharing the same interest in things primarily machined of metal including, but not limited to model engines of all kinds, clocks, antique cannons/guns, machine shop machinery, electrical/electronic, tools, methods etc.

The Colorado Model Engineering Society was born in the spring of 2002 as a result of the merging of the Machining Enjoyment Totally At Leisure group based in Denver, and the Front Range Model Engineers group based in Colorado Springs. Informal get togethers are normally held every month or so and usually at one of the member's shop. There are no membership dues, officers, minutes, etc.; just fun and learning from each other and from the projects members usually bring for show & tell. At times, we brag and even tell lies! There are usually surplus items for sale or give away, and always some refreshments. Notification of upcoming meetings are posted on this web site approximately two weeks before. Visitors are always welcome to attend, and visitors are invited to join ranks with our group.

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If your interested in a good (free!) 3-d drawing program(cad).

Go to GOOGLE and click on MORE then click on EVEN MORE then click on SKETCHUP

and down load sketch up.

(If you have dial-up, get a friend to down-load and save it to a disk that way it is not so time consuming)

food for thought !

Your next engine if you except this assignment !(free plans can be downloaded)

Shuma tec DRO Project ( "GOOGLE DOCS" experiment ) Feb 20,2009

Bob Shores engine project ( "GOOGLE DOCS" experiment ) Feb 20,2009

Another try at the Bob Shores engine.

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