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  The following comes from Mark McDade, his phone number is at bottom,
his e-mail is  , and he lives in Firestone.  Let
know if you are interested.     
John B. Beall
303 424-8118
I have a Johnson model 510 crucible furnace that I
was given free 15 years ago.  I've never used it and
don't expect that I would.  It's not in the greatest
shape but could probably be brought back with some
TLC.  It is outside but the crucible area has been
covered.  The crucible area is about 10" i.d. by about
10" deep and the overall unit is about 20" diameter
by about 2' high.  I have a little printed documentation
from calling Johnson about it several years ago.  They
are still around but they don't list this exact model on
their website.  It looks like it may have dual
burners and would handle up to about 12# of aluminum
(probably would melt brass, too, but not likely
cast iron). The best I can tell from similar models on
the Johnson site, this unit must weigh 300-400 pounds
so if you want it, bring three+ strong people and a
pickup or trailer.  I think it wants to stay upright
at all times during the moving process so you don't
disrupt the refractory material.  It does have the
original lid (not in photos) but nothing else with it.
If you want it, it's available through the 25th of May.
On Tuesday, the 26th, a junk man is coming to help us
clear out our back yard and if the furnace is still here,
he gets it.
The first person to contact me can have it.
Here's a link with some photos of this model furnace
in use:!
Mark McDade
(720) 472-2351 cell
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