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Ed Jones's Page

Ed makes the finest museum quality canons anywhere, and that includes the museums!
This is his fantastic
collection to date.

Here is an 8 inch
siege mortar.

 32 Pound Naval Deck Gun

 32 Pound Shell Gun

 Deck Gun (built in 1964)

 Field Siege Gun Gin

 Italian Breach Loading Deck Gun cir. 1450

 German Breach Loader

 English 10" Howitzer

 32 Pound Dahlgren Deck Gun

 Carronade Deck Gun

 USS Constellation Deck Gun

 13" Civil War Mortar

 8" English Howitzer cir. 1776

 Garrison Gun with gabion protection

 Coehorn Mortar

 Golf Ball Howitzer

 Bombard - early 14th century

 12 Pound Mountain Howitzer

 Italian Perrier - late
14th century

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