Colorado Model Engineering Society

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Submitting Material To The CMES Web Site

CMES members wishing to submit material to the web site such as photos, helpful tips or other
items that would be of interest to the membership can do so by one of the following methods:

Photos - Others would like to see photos of your projects. Take the pictures outside on an overcast day in front of an uncluttered background. Out of focus or otherwise blurry photos can't be used. If you have a digital camera, e-mail the photo(s) to the web master or record the photo(s) on a 3-1/2" diskette. If you are using a film camera, glossy 3x5 prints will do just fine. Include descriptions of the photos. Either way, mail the photos along with a stamped return envelope if you want them back. You can hand them to him at a meeting and he will get them back to you at another meeting. If you don't have a suitable camera, let the web master know ahead of time, and bring your project item to a meeting and he will take a digital photo(s) for you.

Written Material - You can e-mail written material to the web master. If you don't have e-mail, send it by US Postal snail mail or hand it to him at a meeting. The web master will have to retype non e-mailed material so he won't mind short items, but will probably refuse to type lengthy items!

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